Janine Morigeau

Janine is a gifted Tarot Reader, Psychic Counselor. Intuitive Life & Love Coach / Business intuitive 

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Tarot by Janine

Janine is a gifted Tarot Reader, psychic counselor, artist and intuitive healer. Since 1991 she has been reading Tarot professionally and teaching related classes and workshops in Calgary, Alberta. Janine has built a following of Tarot enthusiasts and clientele from all walks of life and varied cultural and spiritual backgrounds with her dynamic personal style, enthusiasm and candid approach.

Her esoteric background includes years of intensive training in Tarot, astrology and numerology. She mentored with several teachers including spiritualist Connie Leonard. In 1993, Janine answered the call of her native ancestry by pursuing traditional medicine training with an Haida elder in the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia. Her Tarot work is featured in "Eyes of an Angel" by new age author Paul Elder. In January 2001 Janine correctly predicted some of the catastrophic events of September 11.


 Janine is renown for her accuracy in predicting outcomes and infamous for intuiting romantic potentials. An effective life coach, Janine has assisted countless individuals through challenging relationship situations, career decisions and other major life transitions. Janine focuses on empowerment and helps clients awaken to their spiritual potential. She offers "spiritual alignment", exposing potential blocks and limitations - while providing powerful insights on how to "recreate our lives".

Janine works in Sunnyside NW Calgary AB,